Do You Want Your Hip Tightness To Be A Thing Of The Past?

This is the most comprehensive, scientifically proven, and effective mobility program designed to help you move and feel your best each and every day.


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What’s Inside

Hip Mobility Plan

This 6-week plan is to be completed 3-5 days per week, with each workout lasting around 30-minutes.

Daily Practice

This short, 10-minute routine is designed to create a healthy movement routine that will re-energize your entire body.

A Program That Is Built Around Your Schedule

This program can be done alongside your current training program and current life circumstances. It also requires little to no equipment, so you can complete it regardless of your location and set-up.

Education, Education, Education

This program has tons of educational videos to help you really understand and get the most out of this program. My goal for everything I do is to give you the tools necessary to be successful even after the completion of the program.

Slide Client Testimonials Joe literally has changed my life! By doing a few months of kinstretch and Joe’s program, I was able to eliminate 95% of my hip issues.

By strengthening the small areas in your body, you can restore the mechanics. Let him help you!
Jena Shew
Slide Client Testimonials I think the best thing about Joe is his passion. You can tell that he loves his work, both as a physical therapist and as a trainer. He lives and breathes this stuff, which makes it easy to trust him. I would highly recommend him to anyone with pain or looking to get fit, or any combination of the two. He's the best, hands down. Adrian Haro Slide Client Testimonials "I have worked with Joe for over 4 years, and I could not be more pleased. He is knowledgeable, encouraging and talented. He has been instrumental in my recovery from a knee injury, and my continued ability to remain physically active. He has my most enthusiastic recommendation." Derrick Brazill Slide Client Testimonials I started training with Joe maybe three months into my rehab. From day one, it was clear that this guy was different than other trainers I've worked with. His approach is holistic and grounded in cutting-edge movement science. His workouts are refreshingly unpredictable and unexpected. They are rigorous and tailored. Joe meets you where you are, works around your pain, and produces results. I've been with Joe for seven months, and I can squat and spin again. I've lost nearly 30lbs and feel great. Adrian Haro

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Getting started is easy and requires no equipment and minimal time requirements. The only thing asked of you is for your commitment. I stand by the fact that this program actually works. That is why if this program does not meet your expectations within the first 14-days, I will offer you a full refund no questions asked.