Online Training

The Par Four Performance Online Training Programs are designed with YOU in mind while helping to bridge the gap between rehab and performance.

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Movement Consultation

I specialize in helping those who deal with poor movement patterns. My virtual consults will help you get to the root of your movement-related issues and create a plan of action to help you improve it.

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Coaching Consultation

We don’t always have the answers and sometimes we just need to talk through difficult cases. If you are a trainer or healthcare practitioner and are in this boat, let’s chat about it!

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Online Kinstretch Membership

Looking for a way to decrease pain while improving your mobility? My Kinstretch program can help you move better by developing body control and flexibility while giving you usable ranges of motion for everything you do.

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Golf Fitness

Is pain getting in the way of your time on the green? I can help you maximize your golf game and play pain-free. I can provide you with innovative and applicable training information for the golf course that you can apply to your everyday life.

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