Orthopedic Cost vs Orthopedic Revenue

On Episode 132 of the Fitness For The Fairways podcast, Joe sat down with Clinton Lee a Physical Therapist and Owner of Physio Strength in NYC.

When it comes to performance, many professionals have conflicting ideas on what’s good for someone vs what is not. This can make understanding what is best for YOU very difficult.

This is where the concept of orthopedic cost vs orthopedic revenue comes from.

Orthopedic cost = movements and exercises that will break down your body over the long term.
Orthopedic revenue = movement and exercises that will build longevity and improve health.

The question is which exercises are inherently good and which are bad. Maybe the better question is, do they actually exist?

What you’ll learn from this episode.

  • Do you need to squat, bench, and deadlift for better golf performance?
  • Identifying biases in your training programs or methodology
  • The most important aspect of golf performance training
  • Is pain “normal”?
  • Concepts of Orthopedic Cost vs Orthopedic Revenue

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