Client Testimonials

"Joe is a fantastic trainer and person! I was an athlete in High School and College and spent a lot of time lifting weights, working out and stretching. Since I started training with Joe more then 4 years ago, he has helped me get into the best shape I have been in my life! He takes the time to correct your technique and also to personalize your workouts so you can reach your own personal goals. He makes training fun and motivates you to keep pushing past your limits so you can reach new personal bests! All of his degrees and certifications make him a well rounded trainer with lots of expertise and experience to help his clients get the most out of their workouts."

 - Jen A. - A Client of 4+ Years. 


"I have worked with Joe for over 4 years, and I could not be more pleased.  He is knowledgeable, encouraging and talented.  He has been instrumental in my recovery from a knee injury, and my continued ability to remain physically active.  He has my most enthusiastic recommendation."

 - Derrick Brazill


"I have been skinny and tall my entire life, to the point I was nick-named giraffe as a kid.  When I was 8 years old, I became sick and was unable to participate in physical activity throughout my childhood.  

When I started training with Joe, I was very skinny and felt weak and like I had no muscles.  I was barely able to do many of the exercises Joe put me through my way when we started.  

Joe challenged me every workout and takes me out of my comfort zone (in a good way).  I have accomplished things with my body I could not have imagined other wise.  I have a completely different view point of my body now and highly recommend you contact him and work with him."

 - Szilvia Szigeti


"I met Joe while I was rehabbing my knees at Perfect Stride Physical Therapy. I had been struggling with chondromalacia patella in both of my knees for about a year. Prior to this knee problem, I enjoyed a very active lifestyle so the onset of knee pain was as halting as it was depressing. I went from being able to run miles at a time to barely being able to walk up  the subway stairs without pain. I also put on a good 20lbs.

I started training with Joe maybe three months into my rehab. From day one, it was clear that this guy was different than other trainers I've worked with. His approach is holistic and grounded in cutting-edge movement science. His workouts are refreshingly unpredictable and unexpected. They are rigorous and tailored. Joe meets you where you are, works around your pain, and produces results. I've been with Joe for seven months, and I can squat and spin again. I've lost nearly 30lbs and feel great. 

I think the best thing about Joe is his passion. You can tell that he loves his work, both as a physical therapist and as a trainer. He lives and breathes this stuff, which makes it easy to trust him. I would highly recommend him to anyone with pain or looking to get fit, or any combination of the two. He's the best, hands down."

  - Adrian Haro  



Fitness Professional Tesimonials

People who care a lot about their work, the people they work with, and the field they work in are hard to come by. Beyond any credentials and letters after your name, what matters most to me is how much someone cares for helping others become better. After meeting Joe, it became quite clear to me – he cares a lot. It doesn’t take much to notice his passion and drive to help people move and feel better, both in the rehabilitation setting and in the training center. Joe has my complete stamp of approval, trust and utmost respect. I’m proud to add him to my inner circle of trusted colleagues.

 - Matthew Ibrahim