I often hear... 

"I only get pain with X movement."  

"I only get pain after doing X."

"I have some pain after a long day, but it is the normal aging process."


The truth is no pain is normal, and it is merely the body's way of telling you something is wrong.

If you are exercising and experiencing pain either before, during, or afterwards and have yet to have it looked at by a medical professional (and no Web MD is not a medical professional), you should definitely do so.  

Currently Perfect Stride Physical Therapy (PSPT) located in Union Square, Manhattan is my home base.  At PSPT we focus on providing individualized patient care based on cutting edge practices.  Through 50 minute one on one treatment sessions you receive a specialized and personal rehabilitation experience that maximizes results.  The best part is you only see ONE physical therapist and never get passed off to another person midway through your treatment.  

We work with people of all walks of life from Iron-Man and CrossFit athletes to Post-Op patients.  

If you're in pain, don't wait any longer.  Head over to perfectstridept.com or call 917-494-4284 to get started today