Episode 4: Tissue Issues

Today the Joe's talk about Tissue Issues.

Foam Rolling is a great form of self myofascial release, that if done correctly can help decrease muscle tone and improve range of motion.  But often times we see it over utilized.  

We have seen many people spend more time foam rolling then they actually do with their own workouts.  Check out the video below to find out how foam rolling can be over utilized and some guidelines on how to improve your own movement. 

Episode 2 - Squatting Hurts

Today the Joe's discuss the Squat.

We often hear people tell us that squats hurt their knees, or worse health professionals not prescribing the squat due to that very same fact.  We thought it was time to have a coffee discussion about this, hope you enjoy. 

Today the Joe's discuss why squatting is in fact good for you.