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Tune Up Tuesday Episode 9: The One Arm Row with Dr. Ryan DeBell

Today I attended The Movement Fix seminar with Dr. Ryan DeBell. He offered some valuable insight on breaking down the deadlift, squat and overhead lifts.  If he's in town, I recommend checking him out.

Today, Ryan breaks down the one arm row and explains some common faults and how you can correct them.  

The Technique

  • Set up on the bench with one arm and one leg
  • Turn the leg that is on the floor outward about 20 degrees
  • Extend your upper back and so that you show a "proud chest"
  • Instead of having your shoulder parallel to the floor, slightly rotate your shoulders outward
  • Ensure that at the bottom of the row you get some scapular protraction, and at the top you get full retraction

Common Faults

  • Losing your upper back position
  • Only moving your arm, and not using the shoulder blades to perform the movement
  • Rotating your upper body as you row
  • Having scapula protraction at the top of the row

Questions, Comments or Concerns?  Leave a comment below. 

Move Well, Stay Strong.

About Dr. Ryan DeBell
I’m the creator and guy behind The Movement Fix, making videos, recording podcasts, working with gyms and athletes, and traveling as much as time permits!
I am a chiropractor by profession, although I like to say I’m a guy who went to chiropractic school and my job is to help people however is needed.
I think it’s a basic human right to know how to move your body and be pain free. Humans should fully move every joint every day.
Knowledge on human movement shouldn’t be kept a secret, but should be shared freely to help as many people as possible.
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