Tune-Up Tuesday Episode 48: Learn To Load Your Hips

I hope everybody's Holidays were fantastic!  As we all prep for 2018 to arrive, let's delve into one final Tune-Up Tuesday post!

A few weeks ago I had taken the Performance Therapy Mentorship course at the Exos facility in Arizona.  It was a great course that offered a lot of takeaways, along side valuable insight into better bridging the gap between performance and rehab. 

By the completion of the course, I felt I had a better grasp of a system that can help me make better decisions as a clinician and a personal trainer.  

One valuable exercise I learned at the course is called the Star Pattern.  In my short time applying it, this exercise has had a big impact on many of my clients. 

The Star Pattern

The star pattern is a great exercise that teaches one to "feed into" their hips.  This is a Gary Grey term that tries to describe how the hip loads and unloads in different planes of motion.

Here is how he describes it:

  •  Functionally the hip gets loaded and unloaded in the sagittal plane with flexion as well as extension.
  • The hip also gets loaded predominantly in the frontal plane through adduction and unloading into abduction. 
  • Transverse plane loading of the hip in internal rotation with unloading into external rotation.

How does the Star Pattern fit into this?

As you drive your hip back and towards the floor, we are creating hip flexion, adduction, and internal rotation (loading or feeding into the hip).  As we come back up, we are extending, abducting, and externally rotation our hips (unloading or feeding out of the hip).

For those clients who shift their hips to one side while squatting, or hips shift out during a lunge, this is a regressed position that starts to teach patients how to load their hips. It has also been extremely powerful for those suffering from hip and low back pain.

Give it a try, and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Move Well, Stay Strong.

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