Tune Up Tuesday Episode 18: Sitting Posture with Joe LaVacca

We’ve heard it all before. "Sit with your chest up." "Sit up straight." “Stop slouching." It goes on and on.  

We all know how to sit with good posture, yet even with our best efforts lower back, shoulder and neck pain ensue.  

A quick Google search for posture will reveal that it is the position in which someone holds their body when standing or sitting.

Well, if posture is the position that you hold, why is it so bad for you?

Pain happens when the forces placed on the body exceed that of the tissues in your body.  Every day you sit for long periods of time becomes a repetitive stress.  Over thousands of hours of sitting these repetitive stresses finally exceed the force threshold causing aches and pains. 

This means there really is no such thing as the perfect posture.  Yes, neutral spine is the position where the least amount of forces are being placed on the body, but even sitting this way can lead to dysfunction down the road.  

Here's a surprising fact - even when we think we are sitting in "perfect posture," most of us unknowingly sit and stand with compensations.

In order to combat the repetitive stresses of sitting all you have to do is simply move more. Frequent changes in sitting position, getting up from your chair, or walking around are all viable options.

Yet, getting up out of your chair when you’re hard at work isn't always a viable option.  Here is a great tip from my co-worker Joe LaVacca, PT, DPT` on how to determine if you are sitting with bad habits you may not aware of. 

Questions, comments, concerns?  Let me know below!

Move More, Stay Strong.