Tune-Up Tuesday Episode 17: Improving Stability and Control During the Bench Press

The bench press is a surprisingly technical exercise.  Poor technique can place undue stress on the shoulder and increase your risk of injury.

Good technique is vital for improving your strength in this movement. Slight deviations of the bar path can make any weight feel significantly heavier - making all the difference between a successful lift and one that falls onto your chest.  

Here are some technical points to keep in mind during the bench press: 

  • Shoulder blades back and down at set-up.
  • Chest up high, creating an arch in your back. 
  • Elbows staying in line with the wrist throughout the motion.
  • Drive the bar towards your head on the way up.

One common mistake is people have difficulty maintaining their tension while descending the bar.  Lack of tension can cause any of the above points to falter leading to plateaus, missed reps and injury.

Try this drill to improve the stability of the shoulders during the bench press while simultaneously improving your bar path. 

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Move Well, Stay Strong.