Tune-Up Tuesday Episode 14: Improving Your Shoulder Health - The Scapula Part 1

When it comes to shoulder health there are a few requirements.

  1. Good Shoulder Mobility
  2. Good Thoracic Spine Mobility.
  3. Good Scapular Control

The scapula, aka the shoulder blade, is a triangular bone that connects the arm to the body.  This connection makes the scapula extremely important to having good shoulder mobility and joint health.  

The shoulder joint is the most mobile in the body, which also makes it the least stable.  The scapula hosts bountiful amounts of muscles that help increase it's stability.  

The scapula is considered a "stable" joint because it's job is to help create a stable base through the rotator cuff musculature.  This helps us move our shoulders through it's entire range of motion using synergistic co-contractions (coordinated contractions) to help position the shoulder blade. 

Along with simply working to help get your arms over your head, all 18 muscles that attach to the scapula work together to keep your arm in position so you can lift heavy things without your arms falling from your body.  

Here are a couple of drills that you can use to improve your scapula stability.