Tune-Up Tuesday - Episode 5: Mobility For the Front Squat

On today's edition of #TuneUpTuesday, we have a special guest, Dr. Clinton Lee here to discuss a simple mobility drill that will help decrease wrist and elbow pain in the front rack position.

Having a strong, secure front rack is vital for front squats, a great leg strengthening exercise that helps build the anterior chain and core.  On top of this, it is a position one must be comfortable with in order to execute over head pressing and to properly perform a clean.

The ability to hold a barbell in the front rack position requires a substantial amount of thoracic spine, shoulder, elbow and wrist mobility.  An inherent lack of mobility in any of these key areas can place excessive stress and force through your joints, with the wrist being a common area of discomfort.

Mobility Requirements

  • Scapular protraction
  • Shoulder flexion and external rotation
  • Elbow flexion and pronation
  • Wrist extension


  • Set up in the front rack position with one arm.
  • Take your wrist and slowly increase tension into the bar as if you were trying to flex your wrist forward and rotate your pinky to the ceiling.
  • Once your tension is as hard as possible without pain, hold that contraction for 10 seconds (PAILs contraction).
  • Once the 10 seconds is complete, now bend your wrist backwards while rotating your thumb to the ceiling. Slowly increase tension in the muscles on the back of your forearm and hold that contraction for 10 seconds (RAILs contraction).
  • You may lift your elbow higher to the ceiling as you do this, but make sure your torso remains upright.
  • When complete, take up the newly acquired range of motion and enjoy the extra mobility during your next set of front squats, cleans or overhead presses.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?  Drop them in the comments section below.  Thanks for stopping by.  See you next Tuesday!


Move Well, Stay Strong.

Meet Dr. Clinton Lee.
Dr. Clinton Lee, PT, DPT is a physical therapist and owner of PhysioStrength in New York City. As StrongFirst Level I Kettlebell Instructor and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Clinton also enjoys competing in powerlifting and endurance sports in his spare time. A @ClinicalAthlete provider, Clinton is a firm believer that clinicians who share similar, active lifestyles as their athletic patient base can better effectively address their specific rehabilitation goals. Dr. Lee's approach involving strengthening and conditioning, orthopedic manual therapy and therapeutic exercise comprise a unique, integrated physical therapy and performance training experience at PhysioStrength.
Follow hip @PhysioStrengthNYC on IG and FB. and Visit his website at http://physiostrengthnyc.com/