Move Better Installment No. 1: The Turkish Get-Up

When it comes to movement, the Turkish Get-Up (TGU) is by far the best bang for your buck exercise there is.  It is a combination of foundational movements combined into one super exercise.  It is the perfect blend of mobility, stability and strength that is vital to everyday performance, as well as to rehab from an injury, or simply to make you feel awesome.  

Outside of being one of the most bad ass exercises out there, I use the TGU to improve my client's health  and quality of life.

Claudio Gil Araujo performed a study in Brazil that showed "being able to stand up from a seated position with just one hand or no hands is remarkably predictive of physical strength, flexibility and coordination at a range of ages.  This is particularly true for middle-aged or older men and women (Dan John - Can You Go)".

The strength and stability necessary in each stage of the TGU will help improve your ability to squat, deadlift or carry a child.  It works all three planes of motion, making this an excellent fit the high-level athlete and the everyday father/mother that wants the freedom to play with their children. Practice the TGU now in order to begin feeling more stable, grounded and mobile for the rest of your life.  

Below is a break down of each step with photos.

1) The Set-Up - Grip the bell tight.  Bend the ipsilateral knee. 

2) To Elbow - Push the straight leg's heel away from your head while driving your elbow into the floor. 

3) To Hand - Drive through your hand and extend the elbow. 

4) Bridge - Drive your foot through the floor and lift hips off the ground. 

4) Sweep - Sweep you leg under your body and place it in line with your planted hand. 

5) Half Kneeling - Come into a tall kneeling position.  You are allowed to move your feet so you can feel strong and stable.

6) To Stand - Lunge up keeping your knees in line with your toes.  Don't forget to reverse the steps and come back to a lying position.  

Hope this has been helpful, leave comments down below and let me know if this was.