Cueing the Arm Bar

Happy Holidays, everyone.  My gift to you this Monday morning is how to get the most out of your arm bar.  

The Arm Bar is a kettlebell exercise that requires you to take a weight over your chest, roll over onto your side and stabilize the weight above you.

It offers a number of benefits that include both thoracic spine mobility and shoulder stability.

This is an exercise that should find it's way into your workouts, either as a warm up, or to train scapular stability between lifts.

Arm Bar Cues

  • Start your roll by pushing your foot through the floor.  This will help you "log roll" onto your side. By doing so, we create increased core stability, making this exercise more effective.
  • Once on your side, drive the hip bone on the top leg towards the floor. 
  • Pay attention to scapular position.  The cue down and back is acceptable, but watch for signs of compensation for poor scapular movement. 
  • Use the cue, reach for the ceiling and activate the lats for optimal scap position and stability.

Give these cues a try, and pay attention to scapula position when asking your clients to pull their blades down and back.  This isn't relevant only for the arm bar.  If you see this during any exercise, this is an inability to effectively move their shoulder blades.

Move Well, Stay Strong.