Controlled Articular Rotations

Imagine a single pill that would make all your pain go away - or prevent pain from happening in the first place.

I would go out on a limb to say that I have had a few million dollar ideas in my life. The problem is that all of them are impossible to implement.  I am not a chemist of a pharmaceutical company but I doubt this magical pill will ever happen - especially in my life time. 

What I have found is a way to decrease pain, improve joint function and prevent loss of range of motion. The reason why this won’t be a million dollar idea is because: (A) you have to physically do something and (B) you need to do it on a daily basis.  Due to this fact - I can now teach you something with a million dollar value - how to do Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs).

 Let’s begin!

What are CARs

The best thing since slice bread?


Here is the definition of controlled articular rotations directly from Functional Range Conditioning - "Active, rotational movements at the outer limits of articular motion".  

CAR's are large circular movements at your joints end range of motion. Each circle must use tension and be controlled allowing for no movement at other joints. By doing so, we are able to reap three distinct advantages that makes CARs beneficial for you. 

1. Maintain ROM throughout your life time

CARs are end range rotational movements at a particular joint in the body.   These rotational movements near the end range activate the mechanoreceptors in the joint allowing the body to maintain these ranges as we age.

The reason someone loses range of motion throughout their life is not because they are getting old, but rather because they don't use that range for a long period of time.  

Since the body is very efficient it needs to preserve its precious resources - energy.  Because of this, if the body is not using it, it loses it.  Take building muscle for instance;  it requires more energy to have than fat, so if you build muscle but don't work to maintain it - you go from buff to fluff.

Maintain Joint Health

By moving a joint through its range of motion on a daily basis, you help bring nourishment and lubrication into the joint allowing it to function properly. 

Secondly, all movements are initiated from the joint capsule.  If the joint capsule does not work well, it will impact our brain's perception of the movement.  

How do we get the joint capsule to work better?  Through rotational movement. 

Rotational movement at a joint is the best way to by pass all the muscular structures and allow us to influence movement and health at the joint capsule. 

Assessment of Your Joints

This may be my favorite reason for doing CARs.  The ability to assess every joint in your body is crucial in becoming aware of how your body functions on a daily basis. 

If your CARs feel smoother and bigger over time, it means your joint function is improving.  If for whatever reason your CARs get smaller or become painful - it is an automatic red flag; giving you insight that something is going wrong - BEFORE THERE IS ACTUALLY A PROBLEM!

There it is, that is why CARs are my magic pill.  It takes me about 8-9 minutes to do CARs for my entire body.  In less then 10 minutes a day you can improve your joint health, ROM/strength and assess your body day in and day out.  I guarantee if you do these everyday for 30 days your body will feel younger then you do right now. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I will go deeper into how to do CARs.

Move Well, Stay Strong.