Move Better Installment No. 2: Controlled Articular Rotations

Two weeks ago I posted about Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) and the benefits of using them.  If you haven't read it, check it out here

This weeks post is a video blog - or Vlog, for all you hip readers out there. This video covers how I coach and teach shoulder and hip CARs.

Below are some Key Points to consider after watching the video:

1. CARs are used for maintaining range of motion as well as an assessment tool for every joint in your body.

2. You must maintain tension throughout every rotation.  This allows you to focus on the joint you are trying to move, and decrease chance of compensating.   

3. Every circle you create should be the biggest possible circle you can create without compensating.  Not doing joint circles at your end ranges robs you of all the benefits of this type of mobility training. 

4. Do them every damn day!  Your body doesn't care about your schedule. Nor does it care about anything else that makes you busy.  If you don't move, your range of motion will decrease as the years pass.  And undoubtedly, pain will follow.  Don't wait and wish you did these 6 months ago. 

Move Well. Stay Strong!